Mission & Vision Statement

The Mission

Simply put, we want you to have a fantastic, unforgettable time in California. We want to provide you with as much information possible so you can maximize your trip in our Golden State. Our intent is to not only provide information on the popular tourist destinations, but to also let you know about the obscure, less traveled destinations that only locals of this state would know about. We will also offer as much local insight as possible on the popular destinations. We don't plan on building the most extensive list of California sites, but instead plan on an extensive listing of places and adventures that are sure to please you.

This site is focused on content and not advertising. Our advertisers will be relative to the specific page in hopes that our visitors can find additional benefit from them. This is a non-intrusive site, meaning that we do not install cookies or any other data on our visitor's computers nor do we attempt to collect any other information without their knowledge.¹ Information from forms that our visitors submit will never be sold to third-party sites or marketing groups.

The Goals:

  1. Help visitors obtain a fantastic vacation
  2. Provide informative, useful information
  3. Update and add content on a regular basis
  4. Allow only quality, relative and beneficial advertisers
  5. Continue to travel and find new destinations

The Vision

We will strive to be the #1 resource for travel in California. Our advertisers will be encouraged to offer discounts and other travel perks to our visitors. Visitors will be encouraged to provide feedback on all aspects of their California experience to help others.

Travel the state in search of more hidden treasure. We love this state we were lucky enough to be born and raised in and are excited we can share our experiences with others.

¹ Some of our advertising partners, such as Google, may install cookies or use other tracking methods in order to provide relevant content.

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