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San Francisco California Missions

San Francisco Missions Overview

San Francisco

Spanish Missions in San Francisco include the San Francisco, Dolores, San Rafael, San Jose and Santa Clara. Spanish Missions were built all along the California coast between 1769 and 1823. The Spanish built them in their conquest to convert the indigenous people of California to Christianity and as strongholds for their newly claimed territories. Twenty-one Spanish missions can be found along the 'King's Highway' in California, which is now Highway 101 on the Central Coast and Interstate 5 in Southern California. They are the oldest structures in California. Most of the California Missions are still active churches with museums and gift shops. All have suffered earthquake or fire damage but very few have been left in a damaged state.

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San Francisco California Missions

The San Francisco Mission is located off Highway 12 in the Sonoma State Historic Park in Sonoma. Founded by Padre Jose Altimira on July 4, 1823 without the knowledge of his superiors, he intended to replace the Dolores Mission in San Francisco - It never did replace Dolores. Padre Altimira's cruelty to the native Indians created a revolt and eventually drove him back to Spain. San Francisco Solano is the 21st and last that was built in California. It is no longer an active church.

Mission San Francisco Solano
114 East Spain Street
Sonoma, CA 95476

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Dolores is located off Highway 101 in the heart of San Francisco. Founded on June 26, 1776 by Padre Francisco Palou, it is the sixth in California. It barely survived the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and stands today as the oldest building in San Francisco.

Mission Dolores
San Francisco de Asis
3321 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

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San Rafael is located off Highway 101 north of San Francisco. Founded on December 14, 1817 by Padre Vincente de Sarria, it is the twentieth in California. Originally founded as an asistencia to Dolores, it was raised to Mission status in 1822 due to its thriving community.

Mission San Rafael
San Rafael, Arcangel
1104 Fifth Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901

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San Jose is located off the 680 freeway in the Mission San Juan district of Fremont. Founded on June 11, 1797 by Padre Fermin Lasuen, it is the fourteenth in California.

Mission San Jose
43300 Mission Boulevard
Fremont, CA 94539

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Santa Clara is located off the 880 freeway west of San Jose. Founded on January 12, 1777 by Padre Tomas de la Peña, it is the eighth in California.

Mission Santa Clara
Santa Clara de Asis
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95053

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