California Crime Zones

California major cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego have high-crime neighborhoods that should be avoided. Only these three cities are listed for their population and tourism ratio to crime statistics. Murder, violent crime and robbery are the crime statistics considered.
The red areas represent regions that should be avoided. Make sure you have enough fuel to pass through these areas without stopping. Do not take any form of public transportation through these areas.
You should take precautions in the yellow zones such as locking the car doors, not being out at night and handling money discretely.

The information provided is considering a tourist from out of the area and not someone who lives nearby and knows the ins and outs of these regions.

San Francisco Crime Map

San Francisco crime map

San Francisco Crime statistics show it is relatively safe for tourists between Downtown and Fisherman's Wharf. Use caution anywhere south of Market Street. There are small pockets that should be avoided at night.
Some areas of the East Bay should be avoided. The Oakland region has some of the highest crime statistics for murder and violent crime in the state. Avoid using public transportation in these areas.

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Los Angeles Crime Map

Los Angeles crime map

L.A. crime statistics show that any area between the 110 and 710 freeways should be avoided. Be cautious anywhere between the 10, 405 and 605 freeways. Unfortunately, high crime neighborhoods include Dodger Stadium, Olvera Street, Griffith Park, Exposition Park and several other popular tourist destinations. Please be overly cautious if visiting these destinations. Other outlying cities that should be avoided include Pomona, Palmdale and Lancaster.

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San Diego Crime Map

San Diego crime map

San Diego crime statistics show that downtown San Diego is relatively safe for tourists. The southeast region of the harbor and some inland cities are the only trouble spots in San Diego. Be cautious in the Mid-City region between the 8, 805 and 94 freeways. Caution should also be taken the closer you get to the harbor between National City and Chula Vista. Try to avoid the Mexican border areas.

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