Caves, Caverns & Mines by Region

Caves, Caverns & Mines in California include sea caves on the Channel Islands, lava tubes in the Shasta Cascade, caverns in Sequoia-Kings Canyon and abandoned mines in Gold Country. Many of California's caverns contain stalactites and stalagmites and vary in size with some being as tall as the Statue of Liberty and others containing underground lakes. Some mines in California offer underground tours to the public with some being active mines that welcome visitors to keep their findings. Whether you're a spelunker, treasure seeker or just interested in going underground, California has something to suit your interest. Most caves and mines hover around 60 degrees year round, making these underground attractions a great place to cool off on a hot summer day. Use the map or navigation links below to find a cave, cavern or mine in California by region.

WARNING: Caves & mines can be dangerous and deadly. Please use caution and common sense when exploring a cave. Don't enter a cave without a light source and necessary safety equipment. Sea caves can be especially dangerous when tides and waves are up. Choose not to explore a cave if in doubt and stay alive.

WHITE-NOSE SYNDROME: Bat populations in the U.S. are suffering devastating losses due to White-Nose Syndrome. Learn about this disease before entering caves and see what you can do to prevent its spread.

California by Region

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