Camping by Region

California campgrounds number in the thousands. Find campgrounds in California with conveniences like flush toilets and hot showers, as well as popular and unique campgrounds to help you narrow the choice. This includes National Park camping, State Park camping, State Beach camping, National Forests, State Forests, County Parks, rv parks and privately owned camping resorts. Camping in California varies from desert locations to beach camping and redwood forests. We've included as much detail as possible so you have a better idea of what to expect and whether camping reservations are required in advance. Use the California map or navigation links below to find a campground in California by region.

PETS: Dogs are allowed at almost all campgrounds but must be kept on a leash, picked up after, and never left unattended. Most beach camping allows dogs in the campground but not on the beach.

BEARS: Metal bear-proof lockers are provided in almost all campsites where bears are a problem. California bears rarely attack people without provocation and should not be feared, but a great deal of space and respect should be given to a bear. Please visit our Tips page for more information on bears and other precautions to consider.

pdf CAMPING CHECKLIST - download our checklist of common camping supplies and you won't forget anything at home.

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California by Region

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