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We are a collection of native Californians and travelers who spend our time exploring and discovering California. Our families have been in California for several generations even dating back to the Gold Rush era. Others are recent residents of the state who enjoy the sunshine, camping, sightseeing, skiing and more that California has to offer. We've spent a lifetime compiling the data contained on this site and continue to contribute to it on a daily basis. The difference between us and other travel websites is that we've been there and done that.

It's All About You

Simply put, we want you to have a fantastic, unforgettable time in California. We want to provide you with as much information possible so you can maximize your trip in our Golden State. Our intent is to not only provide information on the popular tourist destinations, but to also let you know about the obscure, less traveled destinations that only locals of this state would know about. Of course we'll give you local insight on the popular desinations too. We don't plan on building the most extensive California directory, but instead plan on an extensive listing of places and adventures that are sure to please you.

This is a non-intrusive site, meaning that we do not install cookies or any other data on our visitor's computers nor do we attempt to collect any other information without their knowledge.¹ Feel free to peruse the site without worries of pop-up ads, cookies or any other annoying marketing tactic. We hope to have fun with this and look forward to our continued travels in search of more hidden treasure that we can post to the site. We're excited to be able to share our knowledge and experiences with our visitors.


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Google - for all of the free tools and features they supply from ads and search boxes to custom maps and tracking.

Sublime Text - for the powerful HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript editor. This site is entirely hand coded using their program.

w3schools.com - for their tutorials and straight-forward answers.

W3C - for their validation tools.

Stack Overflow - for always having an answer to our JavaScript problems.

Lynda.com - for their massive library of Web Development tutorials.

VisiBone - for the intuitive HTML, CSS and Special Character reference cards. This site began by using their reference cards.

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